Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's all my fault!!

Watch this! It is just too funny. And yet. And yet. It also made me almost throw up a little bit.

If you'd like to send it to all your friends, here's the link:

There are other films on the website, including:
Cheney tapped to lead new Department of Ongoing Illegal Activities
Gore: For the Love of God, did You People Learn Nothing?!
Bush: I am Vindicated

I'm sorry, I never meant to have a political blog. But it's time! It's time! It's time!


Danni and Tommy said...

LOVE it!

Clive and Dawn said...

That's crazy!!! how funny is that?

The Six of Us said...

Okay that was hilarious! I had to pass it on!

Sarah said...

one more day!! I hardly know what to do with myself between now & tomorrow night. hope you are well & the recent photos of your baby are gorgeous-- as usual.