Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, it is one week before her first birthday and Dessi has taken a step all on her own. Eric thinks it was two steps but, really, it was barely even one -- she moved her left foot but was already fully on the descent before her right got off the ground. My video camera works great but I've sort of lost interest in it because I can't get anything to download onto my computer anymore, so I don't have any of these mobility milestones recorded. Man, you should see her face, though! Concentration and then delight, time after time (as she stands alone). It's very zen.

In lieu of first-steps footage, I have this, which I just came across yesterday; it was taken last month and shows Dessi with her good friend Zola, who is out of town right now and we miss her!! (And her mom!!) There are always sweet, sweet moments when these two get together -- lots of kissing and eye-poking (gently gently, of course).




Christy said...

Yay Dessi! How exciting! Pretty soon you'll be chasing her down!

Clive & Dawn said...

Hi Lindy! You've been tagged for 7 random things! See my blog for rules!


Sarah said...

you've been tagged twice!! thanks for your comment this week.