Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Friend Emilia

I have a great friend in Dakar. Her name is Emilia.

Here she is at her 30th (Surprise!) birthday party



And here she is with Eric and our other great friend Vasso -- the three go-getters swam across the bay and back. (Not me -- too cold and too lazy!)


and here -- look at those guns! I would not want to arm wrestle her.


Here she is trying to read a book to our children, who began to care much less about the story than about lap space. Dessi LOVES her auntie Em.


Good stuff.


Clive and Dawn said...

Hmm I remember 30. Well at least one of my arms is like that (the one that carries a 27lb 2 yr old) lol

Marilena said...

Hi Lindy,
Its Marilena, Emilia's sister - I am so upset I did not meet you and your wonderful family when I was in Dakar, although I must say it feels like I know you guys so well! Love the pic's you posted of my crazy sis - I can't believe they swam across the bay, I would definately sit and watch with you! I look forward to meeting you one day and you are sooooo lucky to hang with my sister every day, I miss her too much (: Lots of luv Marilena xxx