Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cat Love

Dessi and Francie totally love each other. I have never seen a baby be so gentle and sweet with animals, and Francie for her part is either affectionate right back or at the very least she's pretty darned tolerant. She seems to LIKE Dessi's pat-pats, and sometimes she will put her kitty nose right up to Dessi's nose and squint her eyes in the totally affectionate groove usually reserved for her most special person. (Me.)

And also, LOOK!!! It's on video. I took this from my camera -- totally have given up on the camcorder.


Clive and Dawn said...

that's awesome! we have 3 cats and they are scared of Yohannes! He usually goes charging at them though and his pat-pats are a little bit more heavy handed! more like smack-thump....lol

Lee C said...

That is the sweetest video! She is really gentle (except for the part where she almost stepped on Francie) and I can't believe Francie was so nice even when she was on her back. That is always when cats scratch or bite me. When a dog rolls on his back he wants a bellyrub, but that seems to not be the case with cats.