Sunday, July 27, 2008


Eric is out of town this week, and apparently Dessi is starting to really feel the pain. All day yesterday we (the nanny and I) would say "Mama" to her, and she would call back, "Dada."


She is pretty funny.

We also took what they call a "potty pause;" for a week I stopped offering the toilet completely, and then this morning I offered and she went peepee. I clapped and cheered like a lunatic, but she seemed pretty unenthused about the whole thing. Maybe I seem too desperate?

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Lee said...

Hey! Is Eric's trip the reason why I got the beautiful stamps this week? Thanks so much. Such a surprise and especially the note from Eric. Very nice.

I love the crawling video. She just looks so excited. We don't spend enough time being excited over simple things like that. What a sweet girl!