Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Our shipment came (called our HHE, HouseHold Effects). The government provides furniture for us, but we brought some of our own, anyway. It's SO great now to have my own couch, and our giant king-sized bed, and Dessi's own crib and pretty pink curtains. It came in four large plywood crates, fresh off the boat (from Montana and then DC), and nothing broke but MAN did they use a lot of packaging. It made me feel sick to my stomach. Beautiful, perfect paper used for cushioning, brand-new cardboard boxes and bubble wrap ... what a waste! My friend said that when her own HHE arrived, word got out and some of the locals came to ask for her cardboard boxes, etc. They use them for prayer mats, to burn as fuel, or as cushions to sleep on. How stupid is this world? That the things used to package my effects are treasured as a Senegalese's effects. It's so inequitable. And not at all do I wish that I had less stuff or that the movers had skimped on packaging and stuff had broken. Just that, somehow, things could be a little more fair.

We've changed the housekeeper's schedule so she has Monday off. Let me tell you, I feel like I have it off, too. I can't believe how much I've missed just having no one in the house! It's like heaven! I've been singing my head off all day, Dessi and I danced for 20 minutes this afternoon (I might be able to sing in front of people, but I definitely, definitely should not dance), and I just feel so ... alone. I love it. I NEED it. I wonder if it was a mistake to have hired full-time help. And she's a fabulous person, too; I really like her. Well, maybe just Mondays will be enough for me.

OK, maybe in a few weeks I'll have some photos. Lind

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Sarah said...

excellent blog-- I"m just a lurker stepping out to say hi. your baby is gorgeous.