Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey! I know you!

After Dessi learned to crawl, one of the first things she discovered was her buddy in the stainless steel garbage can. La femme de la poubelle. Every day for a week, she'd crawl on into the kitchen, sit herself down, and get chatty with her new friend. Now they meet up only occasionally; she's onto bigger and better, like emptying the cat food bowls. Holy hilarity!



Dani Schmidt said...

That garbage can is safe for now. In a few months she will be knocking it over and over and over. Why? Because it's fun. We finally had to put ours on the balcony. Our cats food is stored in the extra bathtub.
Good times.
The good thing is that they are so darn cute while doing it you cannot help but laugh.
I can't believe how much she's grown. Keep the photos coming.

Katy said...

My little girls LOVE themselves in the mirror too. So cute. I love seeing pictures of your smiling happy beautiful baby. I'm glad you get some time alone in the house now. I need that too. I remember now that you asked about the baby bjorn bouncy seats. They are still totally into them and are just starting to figure out that if they kick thier feet or move much at all, it will bounce. Maybe they will be bored with them next month, but for now they are great for us. I'm glad your stuff came and sorry that the world is so freakin unfair in imbalanced.

Christy said...

What a beautiful baby!!! It must be an amazing experience to watch her discover the world!!