Friday, July 18, 2008

Our baby is SO cute!

Dessi has started making noises of delight as I open and turn the book pages. Ooohh. Ahhhh. Ooh EEy ooh (pitch rising and falling). I laugh at her the whole time. Also, she tilts her head down and leans right to sneak a peak at the page that is coming next. It is SO funny!! She loves loves books. They are always the first things she reaches for, but I can only give her board books; if it's just paper, she crinkles and rips them, and I hate to see books getting crinkled and ripped.

She is crawling backward at a crazy fast rate, and she can do downward dog (yoga) all day long. Last night and today she crawled, like, a half-body's length forward, but I don't think she realized what she was doing and technically I don't think it really counts. She's also jumping-lunging forward to reach things that are very close. I personally think she is waiting until she can figure out how to fly.

We have gotten on a downward spiral for potty training, unfortunately. It was all going GREAT, peeing within five seconds of being put down on the potty at least three or four times per day, and pooping almost entirely there. I was really SO impressed. Then suddenly two days ago, she decided she didn't want to do this anymore. Now let me tell you, this is the most agreeable girl ever. So why she has picked this fight I do not know. But you put her on the potty and she arches her back and cries and protests, so that it is not worth it and anyway there is no way she's relaxed enough to pee. I am sad and so is Vallarie (the nanny); Dessi is fighting her as well, and we don't know why! We are going to give it a rest for a few days, see how that goes. Darn it, though!


Kristin said...

She is soooo cute! I would love to squeeze those cheeks!!!
Sorry about the potty thing, the biggest "fights" in my parenthood experience were over potty training! Ugh, I am glad that's over, good luck with it all!

losiloni said...

I am so fascinated by the idea of potty training at this stage. I have read about it a few times and conceptually it makes sence, but then I have wondered about the praticality and whether it would last.
Is this a common practice in Senegal?