Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

What a really, really great day! Here we are at our friend Amber's house, playing with her new puppy.


We went to a nice Sunday brunch at a fancy hotel with some friends, and then we went to the pool! It was about 90 degrees and felt very hot. We didn't want to put Dessi in the kiddie pool because the water looked kind of gross (there were a lot of kids in it), so we did this:


After the pool and naps, we all climbed on our bed and accidentally watched a movie. What bad parents!!! Dessi wasn't interested really at all, but she loved crawling all over us and getting airplanes and generally tickled and cuddled; she giggled for nearly two straight hours.

It was our favorite part of the day. Which is a funny thing about being a parent: our favorite part of any day is always whatever part where Dessi seemed to have had the most fun.

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