Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crawling Motions

Dessi is going to crawl any DAY now. Nevermind that I've said this daily for two weeks. She's so damn close! She pivots, she wiggles, she pushes her belly off the floor, she moves her legs, she scoots backward, and she rolls from side to side. Everything. Except she doesn't move her arms. Any time she's doing anything on her belly I am there cheering my head off, though, so she's been having a really grand time of it.

These are photos from about 10 days ago. She's MUCH further along now. ...



By the way, those are G-diapers she's wearing (thank you, Heath and Heather!) They rock. They don't leak. I've taken to substituting the micro-terry inserts from Fuzzi Bunz for the biodegradable insert. This way there's nothing more to buy, and still very little extra laundry.

On a separate note, we've moved into our new house and it is FABULOUS! I couldn't be happier. The gardens are just stupid beautiful, and the gardener this morning brought me the first batch of organic mangoes from our trees. (We also have bananas, papaya, and a host of herbs and lettuce, all organic. He also washes our cars every night, which is like magic. You wake up and it's a shiny new day!

And yes, I'm driving. It's fine. I've gotten a little lost once or twice, which is always hazardous because I can't ask for help (I regret, I still do not speak French), and some of the minor roads are narrow, potholed and people-riddled. But so far I've managed to get myself home by the end of the day.


Dani Schmidt said...

The leggings are too much. She is so darn cute.
Love the diapers too. Nice to hear you can use the cloth inserts.

Katy said...

Seriously. Between the g-diapers and the leg warmers, Dessi is the cutest little fashion plate I ever did see. AND its great to get a review of g-diapers and hear that they don't leak. Mangos in your garden? Wow.

Jocelyn said...

Go Dessi!!! I don't think Pacey will ever crawl:-) She is doing all of those things too but won't move her arms!!
I had a question, did you guys happen to travel west while in Ethiopia?? I just found out that Pacey was born around Bako and I can't find a single picture online from there:-( Just thought I'd ask!!