Friday, May 30, 2008

Vote for Obama

I'm a pretty dedicated democrat and, from the moment I saw his first speech and read his first book, I've know almost in a cellular way that Barack Obama is a person who can lead America and the world to a place of wealth, peace and service to each other. (OKay, maybe I"m overdoing it with the service bit, but really. I do think he's all that.)

In Montana, the democratic primary is Tuesday, June 3rd!!!!

I don't pretend to know enough about anything to start blogging about politics. But I do know enough to say, "Hmn, boy, my baby sure does seem to like that shirt!!"

dessi obama 2

dessi obama


Katy said...

Boy, I sure do like your baby in that shirt! So cute. I love all the new pictures on your blog.

Danni and Tommy said...

LOVE that shirt! She's getting so big- I can't believe that's the same little love bundle. She's absolutely beautiful.

I have a random question. I think a long time ago you blogged that you have a Beco carrier? I love my sister's Ergo that she's been letting me borrow, but she needs it back. I love the Ergo, but the Beco sure is pretty stuff. What do you think? Do you like the Beco? Thanks!
Danni and Judah

Lindy Young said...

Danni, I do really love the Beco, it is comfortable and has a good waist strap so my hips absorb most of the weight, which is important for me. And it is as pretty as it looks, every time I put it on (which is every day), I admire it.

However, I saw a friend's new Ergo a few weeks ago, and it looked slightly more bomber than the Beco - I didn't try it on, but it looked like it might be more comfortable for a larger baby; I haven't carried Dessi on my back yet, but the Beco seems like it might possibly get outgrown sooner.

So, a lotta nothing, really. I don't know! You'd probably need to buy the Beco via mail order, but I'd bet you could return it if you didn't like the looks of it.