Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dancin Fool

After dinner, we play Legos, shape Play-Dough, dress and undress the doll, sip imaginary tea and read the same 12 books. Every night. (This is why people watch TV. We get it now.) Last week we discovered ... electronica radio. We stream it through Itunes. Love it. The moves are being perfected. Our most favorite is the Gunslinger, wherein Dessi alternates this fabulous pointing / shooting in sync with the music.

There might be a short glimpse of that in this video, but not much. Not as much as any rational human would want and need.

Dessi has also taken to exclaiming, Mamma / Daddy, I love you. SHe says it alllll the time. It's so awesome. She has a thing for dinosaurs (she's into Where the Wild THings Are right now, and I think she thinks those are dinosaurs), a thing for kicking beach balls, and a total thing for going peepee in the potty. SHe just thinks it is a hoot.


Dani Schmidt said...

The arm twirling thing might be my favorite move. Gun slinging a close second. Hard to pick. They are both AWESOME as is she.

jen said...

this. is. AWESOME!!!!!
we need more video, please and thank you.