Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

A few weeks ago my friend Zoe ( was kind enough to name me as one of her seven favorite bloggers. Which is great! I'm glowing!

There are rules, of course.

1. Thank the person who awarded it to me (thank you thank you thank you Zoe!) and link the person’s blog on mine.
2. Identify seven things about myself.
3. Award seven bloggers with the “Kreativ Blogger Award,” post links to their blogs, and leave a comment on each of their blogs, to let them know of the honor. To quote Zoe, "I"m not sure what a Kreativ blogger is… and why can’t it just be spelled right? Or is that just me not being very “Kreative,” thereby proving I don’t deserve this award?" Ha ha ha. I do like that Zoe.

But I can't choose favorites! I will just say that I follow all the blogs to the lower right of my screen, with the addition of I love them ALL. Really. And I will just say that even though almost never blogs, when she does it is wonderful. And that Quest for Bearable Lightness of Being ( forges into the darkest saddest parts of our collective heart and then bravely documents it all. And that had not written for five months but now she has again just yesterday AND she is promising to write again soon (which she has said before but maybe this time she means it? Ah hem?) and she her writing is so worth watching for.

The regulations stipulate that I now write seven things about myself, but in fact, I'm not going to. Too boring. A Kreativ way of following the rules, no? Ha!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I love that you're being Kreativ! And could there ever be too many posts about Spain? I haven't been there, so maybe. But I'm dying to go to Barcelona. I usually live vicariously through my traveling friends, but every now and then I'd like to partake myself!

Danni and Tommy said...

Why am I missing from your lower right?
You probably asked and I spaced and didn't answer, right? As your friend, I think I should be there :)

...and thank you for sharing ALL of your travels. I never get tired of them OR that beautiful baby of yours.