Friday, October 30, 2009

Spanish Adventures -- first few days

Is anyone even with me on this blog anymore? I think even The Grandmas have lost interest. I couldn't blame you -- what a blogging slackerhead I've been. But as it turns out, we're going to print this blog up and turn it into our photoalbum for the Dakar Years, so, on I go.

Here are some photos from out fabulous three-week campervaning adventures in Spain. (We just returned to Dakar a few days ago.)

The road ahead:


Eric and Dessi rockin' the campervan:



She was a pretty good sport all around. We tried to not drive for more than 2-4 hours on any given day (which, as it turns out, doesn't really get you very far), and we always began our drive at 1 pm -- nap time. Overall, very little fussing.

One of the things we loved about Spain was that, basically anywhere you pulled over or any town you drove through, there was some fabulous thing to see or do. Here's our first day, making our way north to Picos de Europa, stopping for lunch and, voila! Random Town Footbridge, Random Town Beautiful Stream and Skipping Stones.



Beautiful husband, beautiful kid.


And this face. I just cannot get enough of this face.



Kristin said...

I'm back Lindy! I haven't been following any blogs, even my own! I got all caught up in facebook for a while and lost intrest. Now though I am feeling a renewed interest in the whole idea of blogging... yay, it feels great too to be back!
Thank you for all your hair advice. I have been a loyal Carols Daughter fan but never was as thrilled with the hair milk as others seem to be. Now I will try the mix you suggested. Thank you. I do appreciate all the help! Something is going to work, I just have to try others advice and find the winning combination for Marin! Spain looked great by the way!
When is your next trip stateside?

Christy said...

Hey Jenny!!! You are so hilarious! Thanks for keeping up with us! We are still with you too! Yes, I agree, that look on Eli's face on the log ride is priceless! We're going back for our gotcha day since he loves is there so much! Check back for a new pic!! And by the way, we follow JoJo too!

Hope you will be posting more now that you are back in Dakar.


Dani Schmidt said...

Glad to see you're back. I can't get enough of that beautiful face either!