Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glacier National Park

Eric's family visited us in Whitefish last week. We drove to Logan Pass at the top of Glacier National Park. I never make the drive myself (it's about 2 hours from our house to the top), but it's really so beautiful. For example:


Here we are on the Highline Trail


And here we are at our lunchspot, off the trail a bit by a pretty little creek:



To our delight, Dessi loves to hike. She would walk for miles if we had the time, and we try to make time and to foster a love of the mountains as much as possible. On this particular day, the trail got kind of exposed after half a mile -- too narrow for a toddler. So the others walked on while Dessi and I stayed behind and hiked back and forth along the trail, taking our time but also she can be pretty task-oriented at times. For example:

There were also two mountain goats and a goatlet on the trail with us.


Here she is taking a well-deserved break:


Good stuff.


Danni and Tommy said...

She is absolutely the cutest hiker that has ever been. I love to hike too. I hope, one day, we can all hike together...

Clive and Dawn said...

aw man, that's awesome. I wish ours would love to walk. nah.
couldn't get the vid to play, but I will try later. Cute pics and she is as cute as EVER!