Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Car Talk

Here's my new car!


I love it. They're not sold in the US, but it's a Nissan X-trail. It's a diesel manual, and it gets nearly 48 mpg. I love love love this car. It's the best car I've ever had. It's safe, it's really easy to see all around, and it gets great mileage. No wonder they don't sell it in the US!

I almost got into an accident today. It's the closest I've ever come here (we were within 2" of each other). I was turning left on a two-lane road, with my blinker on, and the truck behind me decided he would try to quickly just pass me. On the left. His front bumper was within 2" of my side door when we both managed to squeal to a stop. People are so so so so so stupid here sometimes. They drive like fools. WHY would he think that was going to have worked? I had Dessi in the car, and also the nanny (we were coming back from French class/ the kiddie park). (BTW, the nanny always "forgets" to put her own seatbelt on. I have to ask her every single time.) I pulled over and cried a little tiny bit, then continued on with my errands. It's just a small, small reminder of how many things are so delicate and so outside of our control. I drive here with my hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel at all times, and I feel like I'm a good driver. I'm always looking around, anticipating things. But sometimes they just come up on you and there's hardly anything you can do. Things like that get me rattled.

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Clive and Dawn said...

I drive with my hand 10 and 2 aswell! Must be universal becos we have crazy drivers over here too! They drive with only themselves in mind, they don't care about who else is on the road, makes me mad too! Cool looking car though!