Saturday, January 24, 2009


This was the day after our birding road trip to Saint Louis. And yes, everyone was tired. But still, I cannot believe this happened. We three were having dinner, Eric and I were talking, and then he was just like, Look. At. This. Maybe this happens with OTHER children. Other children who do not love to eat the way our daughter does.

We were carrying her to bed when she woke up for a few seconds -- just enough time to chew the food she had left in her mouth.



Danni and Tommy said...

LOVE it! My parents has a zillion pictures of me like this when I was her age. I think they are hysterical.
She's absolutely adorable.

Jillienne said...

So cute! At least she got that last bite in!

Christy said...

Eli was close once but never actually conked out! That is so cute!

Melissa said...

Cutest thing ever. What a beauty she is!

Katy said...

I don't know why, but there really is not much cuter than babies sleeping in their food. I haven't checked in for a while and she's so big now! Beautiful.