Monday, January 5, 2009


For some reason she thought this was really funny. I was acting like I was going to gobble up her food.

So the story is, a few days ago we were reading where our 14.5-month-old kid should be, milestone-wise (we rarely do this), and it says she should be able to touch one body part. I panicked. How would she know this? (I've never taught her any!!) Eric swiftly stepped in and within a few hours, she knew her nose. (She also sort of knows her ear, too, but that's a little touch-and-go, I think on account of it being on the side of her head like it is.)

The OTHER milestone we hadn't tried was whether she could feed herself with a utensil. (This was only to be tried by ADVANCED children.) So that's what this video is -- we started with a big hunk of bread and a dipping bowl of mashed spinach and potatoes, and she (obviously) caught on fabulously! Afterward, I handed her a spoon and a cup of yogurt. Voila! Mensa child.

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Katy said...

This IS really funny. And really really cute. How could she not be Mensa material with brilliant parents who love her so much?