Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Do You Know?

I knew I wanted to marry my husband from almost the moment I met him, which was a very brief encounter at a bar listening to loud, live music. I knew he had a PhD in African political science, and I knew I didn't know very much at all about Africa, and so before our first date, I studied up. Yes that's right. I rehearsed like a high-school girl, and I tested myself five times daily with this handy little map-quiz. (I only recently admitted this to my husband, who thought it was hysterical but also somewhat startling, I think. (Just when you think you know a woman ... )

Anyway, here's the website. It's fun!

Here's another good link. Click on it and list all the African countries you can. (You don't have to report your results back to me or anything.) :)

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Kristin said...

thanks for the cool sites Lindy!!!
I love that you wanted to marry your man right away. I did too and I told him that if I ever met him again, I would marry him. We met in a pub in Ireland and I left Dublin the next day... He looked me up the following summer and here we are -- I always remind him that I warned him!