Sunday, March 23, 2008

Straight magic

There are so, so many fabulous blogs out there, and I have a list of some of my favorites off to the right of this page, but here is one that I love especially. It is by a woman in the northeastern US, waiting to adopt Ethiopian child(ren) and writing all sorts of hysterical (like, funny hysterical. Not ranting) and meaningful things in the interim. Reading her blog is a lot like chatting with your best friend, being advised by a very hip Bodhisattva, and reading an Ethiopian almanac. She also has a lot of helpful links.

Another helpful link is called It has great information on something I've been very interested in, adoptive breastfeeding. Yes, it can be done, and the protocol is not too difficult -- some birth control pills but no, like, hormone shots or anything. I found the data to be very straightforward and evenhanded, and I am working through the protocol she lists. It is not very physically stressful, and I just thought, you know, if I can do this, I'm going to! I think it would be fabulously great for Dessi and for our whole family! But if it doesn't work, it's not so much work or so difficult that I'll feel too sad about it or feel stressed or like a failure straight off the boat. Whateva! Please feel free to email me privately for more information, and here is the link to that great website:

OK, I am off. It's 4:12 am here and I am ANNOYED because two days after the fact I just got an email that our Ethiopian flight (which we paid for on Friday night) has expired without being ticketed (because they were off for the weekend and didn't check their email until now! Happy Easter To Me!) So. Now the flights are much more money and I am spending another two hours processing the details. This is because my normal airfare consolidator guy was on vacation this week, so I used ATI travel website. Don't use them!!

Oh well! I really don't care that much!! At least everything that is important is under way.

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Katy said...

Wow. I'm so honored! Thank you for your very very generous, kind words.

I have read blogs/blog entries about adoptive breastfeeding - some very sucessful, others not so much. I think Zufan's mom, who is in your links, I think, did. Good luck!

Katy said...

I just looked and she is not, but she's linked to mine (Waiting for Zufan!)if you wanted to contact her. She's really nice.