Thursday, February 7, 2013


Fasching in Germany seems to be the equivalent of Carnival. It starts the week before ash wednesday with parades, etc., and at night the women go around snipping off men's neckties with scissors, then kissing them (I heard this, but I have not seen anyone doing it and eric's necktie seemed unharmed to me).  Today all the kids at Grainau Kindergarten dressed up, our girls are ballerinas (of course). Here they are in the kitchen before heading to school for the morning.

 I think this one's my favorite:


Lee said...

So happy to see you posting stuff again! I can't believe how grown Adai looks. Kindergarten, already?

It's fun to see the old pictures of Dessi on the side of the blog and see how much she has grown also.

maggie g. said...

Love these two adorable ballerinas!
thanks for sharing!

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