Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The girls really love each other. Like, sooooo much. Dessi particularly loves to match her PJs to Adai's.

I had been having some trouble showering because every time I took even the fastest of hosedowns I would emerge with Adai crying. On this particular occasion, I heard laughing! Tons of giggles!! I smiled and poked my head out of the bedroom only to see Dessi standing at her new easel with a painbrush in hand, painting her sister. And I don't mean painting her portrait.

I feigned horror, Dessi took a time out, and then I sneaked over to Adai and took her picture.

Doesn't she look like she thinks she's in trouble?


Christy said...

Ha ha ha!!! So so cute and and yet naughty at the same time!

Christine said...

oh my gosh, they are so cute, I can't even stand it!