Monday, April 26, 2010

The Waiting List

We are seventh on the list. We were eighth last week. Which sounds good. Like movement. But we were also eighth in January. We have been waiting since October 5.

It's slow. We'd love to think it's because all the orphans in the world are otherwise occupied. We are pretty sure that more people are adopting from Ethiopia, and yet the courts can only process a certain number of children each day.

Although we are patient (there's so many other chores), we are never far from this particular distraction. Of wondering everything there is to wonder about The Little One, as we have taken to calling her.

We are so ready. We're excited to talk to Dessi about it, but we won't until it's much closer. Like, passed-court closer. She has three wooden butterflies, all different colors, that we bought at a craft fair here last year. We hung them on her bedroom wall, and she immediately chose one as the daddy, one as the mama, and one as Dessi. Six months ago I started searching for the butterfly artist again, to buy a fourth. I think it's a graphic that a 28-month brain could wrap itself around. A fourth butterfly. The Littlest One. We have that now. It's yellow, just like Dessi's, but the markings are different.

So you see, we're ready.


Julie said...

The fourth butterfly! How beautiful! You're so close!

Carina said...

I have goosebumps. That's a beautiful way of sharing the news with Dessi. You even have a lovely space on your wall for The Little One. :)

Zoe said...

You are getting there! I LOVE the butterflies. how lovely. It's a great way for Dessie to understand her new sibling is coming to join you.

Dani Schmidt said...

We are about one week away from being on the waiting list! We're using CHI again as well.
Love the butterflies. Love Dessi.