Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to Us

Well, here I am. A blogger! It feels kinda weird, but I've been reading other people's blogs about Ethiopian adoption this past month (to try and get a handle on court dates, wait times, etc.,) and they've been really helpful to me. So I thought, well, maybe our story would be of some use to someone else down the line, and that I'd give this a try.

Here is our story, in a nutshell: We are from Montana, we are living in Dakar, Senegal, and we are adopting a baby from Africa.
She is four months old and perfect and precious. Ethiopia prohibits us from publishing photographs, and so we will not, but trust us. She is all that! Friends of ours went to CHI to pick up their child last week, and they took photos and a VIDEO of her for us. The video is 41 seconds but tells us everything we need to know. I have watched it about 140 times in three days. I watch it and cry; I watch it and wish; I watch it and know.

Because we are in Dakar and living in a one-bedroom apartment downtown (not our final residence), we cannot distract ourselves with the baby shopping and room decorating and general nesting that most parents get. Which is good, actually -- we're going to try and raise our baby like the Amish :). Very simple, no electronics or plastics, home-made organic baby foods, and of course all the books she could ever turn the pages of. Crazy, you say? Perhaps. But we are living in Africa, so if anyone can do it, we can!


jana montana said...

hey you two - plus cat - and soon to be three! i am so happy for you and know that your daughter will be blessed in her life with you. Raising her simply ("like the Amish") is so exactly right. the world needs more parents like you.
love from montana,
jana goodman
ps i am happy i'm on your e-list!

lregnier said...

So nice to SEE you both! Where was the picture taken? Good to get more news of you ALL!
It's a gray but warm day here at the lake -- almost spring -- can't wait!!
Take good care,
Love, Linda Regnier

lregnier said...

Hey Linda,
Already wrote one comment and couldn't remember my password (typical!!). Anyway.. so glad you wrote about this "issue." I had gone to the web site and was, once again, sickened to think of these innocent children!!
PLEASE keep me in mind for future work with your NGO.. Also, perhaps when my friend and I give presentations, we could talk about Senegal and the children there.
PLEASE call me... I would so love to see you when you come home!!
Love, Linda