Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prague, day one

Here we are leaving a wonderful coffee shop with the nicest woman ever who adored the girls and kept bringing us treats (and no, that's not why she was the nicest woman ever. She also told me that I was pretty.) Dessi is smiling wildly because she's amped up on the black tea she was served. I had never heard of such a thing, but in fact now I realize they also serve it in her German kindergarten.

Dessi found a little ladybug -- let's just say it was resting -- on a leaf, while Adai stretched out on a bench in a pretty, smallish outdoor sculpture museum by the river.


Christy said...

So great to see you guys! Dessi and Adai are so big! Thanks for sharing! I truly enjoyed seeing the lot of you! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Heather said...

Am so happy to see photos of you-all. I've missed your blog.
~ Heather

Deborah Caruso said...

I Love your blog! I can't wait to meet Dessi and Adai!!! :)

Junaid Walayat said...

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