Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Here we are in something-something square (Prague), waiting for the bell to ring (a little puppet-ish man comes out of the church door and hits a bell with a stick) (Seriously, I used to be such a good tourist. Now, with these two it is survival mode. If we happen to see something interesting, then great! If not, well, just keep moving and soon enough it will be time to eat again.) My grandfather is from Czech Republic. It was interesting to walk the streets and think about whether or not he had ever been on that same sidewalk.
These are some pictures of the famous (in our circle, anyway) Bubble Guy of Prague. St. Charles Bridge? Ha, no thanks. Where's that Bubble Guy?
We later bought big bubble makers of our own from amazon and celebrated Dessi's birthday (October) with ginormous bubbles in the backyard. They are not that easy, we mostly made bubble tunnels. This guy has a special gift.